Dr. Henryka Bochniarz at the World Trade Center Seattle

 Seattle, January 12, 2012

Photo by Piotr Horoszowski. From left: Len Radziwanowicz, John Golubiec, Mirka Nakovski, Teresa Indelak Davis, Dr. Henryka Bochniarz, Eva Orlowska, Anna Berezow, Danuta Moc, Egils Milbergs, Janusz Wisniewski, Prof. Zbigniew Bochniarz, World Trade Center Seattle, January 12, 2012. 


President of the Polish Confederation of Private Employers Lewiatan,  Dr. Henryka Bochniarz, delivered presentations in Seattle at the World Trade Center on Thursday, January 12th, and at the University of Washington Evans School of Public Affairs, on Friday, January 13th, 2012. 

Thursday’s breakfast networking event and presentation titled “Poland: A New Growth Pole in Europe” was sponsored by the Polish American Chamber of Commerce Pacific Northwest and the local Polish American businesses. 

The World Trade Center Seattle event, an impressive kick off of 2012, drew Governor Gregoire’s Director of Economic Development Commission for Washington State, Egils Milbergs, Boeing sales directors,  Chere Marc and Lawrence Tolliver, President of the Polish Home Association John Golubiec, President of the East European Chamber of Commerce , Natasha Savage; in addition to the PACCPNW  directors, members and clients. 

Dr. Bochniarz spoke about Poland’s competitive advantage: its centralized location, skilled labor, entrepreneurial drive as well as the influx of the EU developmental funds. She presented the reasons for Poland’s continued resilience: its relatively small dependence on foreign trade, large and diversified internal market and financial conservatism.

Considered a gateway both to Eastern and Western Europe, Poland is the 6th most populous country and the 7th largest economy within the European Union,  with strong cultural and historical ties to the United States. The only EU member with a positive GDP growth during the recent global economic crisis, Poland is an attractive trading and business partner for the Pacific Northwest business, according to Dr. Bochniarz.  Key clusters of opportunity include defense, aviation, energy and healthcare.  Dr. Bochniarz extended an invitation to Seattle business leaders to attend the Second European Forum for New Ideas in Sopot, Poland which will take place on September 14-15, 2012. The First EFNI Conference in Sopot  was a huge success: www.efni.pl

Friday’s lecture at the University of Washington titled “Is This the End of Men’s World in Poland?” was attended by university faculty, students and members of the UW Polish Studies Endowment Committee. Dr. Bochniarz spoke about the Congress of Women as the biggest social and economic movement in Poland since the rise of Solidarity. Inviting the UW audience to the Fourth European Congress of Women in Warsaw, also taking place in September 2012, Dr. Bochniarz stressed the importance and benefits of women’s inclusion in political life, business and on corporate boards,  as a means to further the economic development in Poland and Europe. The Third European Congress of Women at the Warsaw Congress Hall in 2011 drew over 7,000 participants. www.kongreskobiet.pl/en-EN/

President of Boeing Central and Eastern Europe, Vice President of Europe’s largest employer organization Businesseurope, Poland’s former presidential candidate and former Minister of Industry and Trade, Dr. Bochniarz has a long and impressive career. She has been received in Seattle as an international celebrity, where she autographed numerous copies of her best sellers: “Be Yourself and Win,”  “Heroes of Polish Transformation 1989-09,” and “Time for Women”.

Dr. Bochniarz plans to return to Seattle in the near future to continue her talks with the Polish American organizations to further develop and strengthen the economic and cultural ties between Poland and the Pacific Northwest region.

We thank the Event Committee,  Danuta Moc, Teresa Indelak Davis and Anna Berezow, for organizing the World Trade Center Seattle event and the sponsors, Danuta Moc, Real Estate Broker, Better Homes & Gardens Executive and Magdalena Witt, Dermavita for their generous support.

The event description: www.paccpnw.org/event/henryka-bochniarz-seattle

Photos: www.facebook.com

Powerpoint Slides Presentation: “Poland-A New Growth Pole in Europe.”

Powerpoint Slide Presentation: “Is this the End of Men’s World in Poland?” 

About WA Economic Commission Director Egils Milbergs: www.governor.wa.gov + www.innovate.typepad.com

About Polish Confederation of Private Employers Lewiatan http://pkpplewiatan.pl/en

Dr. Bochniarz’s Boeing bio www.boeing.com

Dr. Bochniarz’s website www.bochniarz.pl

About Europe’s largest Employer Organization BUSINESSEUROPE  www.businesseurope.eu


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