Year in Review – 2015

First, I would like to personally thank our director Teresa Indelak Davis for her dedication and outstanding contributions to our chamber.

As in 2014, our main objective was to increase our membership and budget. Our membership stayed flat and we need to continue working even harder to increase it. The operational savings in 2014 paid off and in 2015 our operational expenses were lower. This allowed us to balance the budget even though our membership dues dropped by almost 50%.

We continued to maintain relationships and cooperation with local, national and international networks and participated in the PACC workshop in Las Vegas.

Our relationship with the Embassy of Poland in Washington DC, the Consulate of Poland in LA and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Warsaw is flourishing. As in past two years, we were awarded another $500 grant.

We renewed our membership with the Development Alliance of Seattle and World Trade Center Seattle. Throughout the year we stayed in touch with other chambers of commerce, state and federal departments of commerce, state and city government officials, Washington Business Week and others. We also entered into partnership agreement with PEGAZ PUH in Kielce managed by Zdzislaw Wojtasik.

We continue providing up-to-date information to our members on our site, in our newsletter and through mailing campaigns that are now reaching almost 1200 subscribers.

2015 was a year of preparation for everything that is going to happen in 2016 and I must say that we entered 2016 fully prepared and will have fantastic news in the next annual report.

Best Regards,

Bohdan Raciborski



2015 Executive Officers:

  • Bohdan Raciborski, President
  • Mirka Nakovski, Vice President
  • Paul Perz, Secretary
  • Janusz Wisniewski, Treasurer

 2015 Board of Directors:

  • Teresa Indelak Davis
  • Mirka Nakovski
  • Zbigniew Bochniarz
  • Janusz Wisniewski
  • Bohdan Raciborski
  • Paul Perz
  • Malgosia Mazany
  • Ryszard Gawronski


2015: A Year in Review

  • January – Meeting with the Washington Department of Commerce
  • January – EuroStartup
  • February – Meeting with AWB in preparation for the Washington Business Week
  • April – Spring Polish Bazaar
  • April – Annual PACCPNW meeting
  • July – Polish Festival at Seattle Center
  • October – Germany-Washington Civil Aviation Conference
  • November – Fall Polish Bazaar
  • November – Partnership agreement with PEGAZ PUH in Kielce
  • November – Meeting of Polish Chambers of Commerce in Las Vegas
  • December – European Christmas Market at Wallingford Center
  • December – Christmas Party at Sebi’s
  • December – organized internship for Damian Lubocki
  • Ongoing Marketing and Communications:
    • Blogs and updates on website
    • Newsletter and mailing campaigns
    • Social media presence on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter
    • Member of: World Trade Center Seattle, Trade Development Alliance of Greater Seattle