Maciej Chorowski

Maciej Chorowski, holder of doctoral and postdoctoral degrees in the area of cryogenic engineering, professor of Wroclaw University of Technology, dean of the Faculty of Mechanical and Power Engineering since 2005.  He graduated from Wroclaw University of Technology in 1982. Mr. Chorowski is author and co-author of over 100 papers on cryogenics, applied superconductivity and new technologies in power engineering. He was invited to give lectures at the Indian Institute of Technology in Bangalore in 2008, and the National University of Singapore in 2010.

Mr. Chorowski was named the President of Wroclaw Technology Park SA in 1998. He is responsible for the strategy of the Park development, a place now gathering over 120 innovative and high-tech companies representing vast spectrum of new technologies and countries of origin. Presently Wroclaw Technology Park is pioneering development of distributed trigeneration system in Poland, as well as introducing new technologies in biotechnology, life science, material testing (including nuclear methods), gas detectors and other branches of modern industry. The Park helps spin-off companies with R&D and technology development including the equipment lease and access to a seed capital.

Previously Mr. Chorowski spent three years at European Organization for Nuclear Research CERN at Geneva in years 1996-1998. He was responsible for the risk analysis of the Large Hadron Collider accelerator and thermal studies in superfluid helium. He presently collaborates with CERN and other Big Science laboratories like DESY, GSI and ITER in field of cryogenic systems design, development, production and commissioning. He is a coordinator of Polish in-kind contribution to the X-Ray Free Electron Laser XFEL in Hamburg in field of cryogenics and applied superconductivity (testing of superconducting cavities).

In January 1998, President of State Atomic Agency appointed Mr. Chorowski to the position of Industrial Liaison Officer for CERN and later in 2008 for ITER. He is responsible for organizing Polish industrial partnership with the Organizations, including commercial tendering and technology transfer. He initiated a transfer Gas Electron Multiplier Detector technology from CERN to Polish industry. Mr.  Chorowski has served as a member of CERN Finance Committee, on the appointment of State Atomic Agency President,  since 2004. He was elected to the International Cryogenic Engineering Committee in 2005 (presently vice-president of the Committee) and to A2 Commission of International Institute of Refrigeration in 2002 (presently vice-president of the Commission).

Mr. Chorowski is married and has two sons and one daughter.

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