Interest Groups

In order to increase diversity of our organization and attract more members, we are creating three new interest groups that, we hope, will provide more value and make our chamber of commerce more attractive to individuals and businesses with Polish heritage.

This special focus initiative aims to create a forum for women entrepreneurs and business professionals, both of Polish origin and interested in Polish-American business relations, to exchange ideas, share experiences and identify new business opportunities.

Our goal is to create a vibrant, women driven community, facilitate business collaboration, and foster professional and personal development opportunities for women.

We invite you to participate and take advantage of some of the member benefits:

  • Events: educational (special interest session), networking (happy hour), interest group (reading club), or other member driven initiatives
  • Member network: mentorship opportunities, direct introductions, online discussion forum and LinkedIn group
  • Connection with other professional organizations: access to events and networking opportunities (special interest organizations, industry associations, etc.)
  • Newsletter: business profiles, special features, interview with members, advertising opportunities

Seattle and the Pacific Northwest are home to many young professionals of Polish origin who have high aspirations and a desire to succeed in the business world. The Young Professionals Network’s (YPN) objectives aim to assist young professionals of Polish decent, and those with cultural interests or ties, network with like-minded people and help them succeed in their business endeavors. We offer an opportunities to engage with local and foreign business leaders, develop interpersonal and leadership skills, find a mentor, and participate and lead events.

Our chamber is poised to become a premier venue for young business professionals to grow, develop, build, and share.

As a member of the PACCPNW Young Professionals Network (YPN) you will have the opportunity to:

  • Participate in:
    • Mentoring and Networking Events
    • Cultural Events
    • Trade Missions
    • Polish Language Sessions
  • Lead, organize and volunteer for special events
  • Participate, contribute and lead PACCPNW Sub-Committees

In today’s economy small businesses need every possible tool to help them succeed, bring new customers, develop new products, build partnership and successfully compete.

PACCPNW Small Business Network provides such tools and helps small businesses with Polish roots. It offers the advantage of our network, our collective experience and heritage. It also offers access to privileged information, a platform for communication and collaboration and, what’s most important a venue where businessmen of Polish origin can help each other.