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The International Business Week Experience: Volunteer as a Company or Student Advisor

May 9, 2015
Washington Business Week Foundation for Private Enterprise Education
Polish Home Association aka Polish Cultural Center
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1714 18th Avenue, Seattle, WA, United States, 98122

The program is an amazing opportunity for all involved. As a Company Advisor (adult) or Student Advisor (High school or college student), you will empower Polish students to take ownership of their experience, and develop your leadership skills in the process. You will educate future Polish leaders about capitalism in practice. This collaboration not only shares the United States’ long history of free enterprise—Given the Pacific Northwest’s importance in the global economy (we are number #1 nationally for exports per capita), it also cultivates partnerships with American organizations and businesses, encouraging Poland’s growth in the global economy.

Share the fundamentals of entrepreneurship, engage students in critical thinking exercises, and provide feedback on the team’s mission and vision. Network and learn from other volunteer professionals from around the world. Volunteers and students have a unique opportunity to practice diplomacy, educate others about entrepreneurship, and build a professional network abroad.

Each program will include: one hundred Polish high school students, ten business volunteers from the US, ten American high school students, Polish Educators and two Business Week staff. All of the students speak English.

Your time abroad provides:

– Valuable cross-cultural business and social experience.
– Chance to lead by empowerment and learn how to help your peers learn business, English, and what it means to work as a team.
– Great way to meet new lifelong friends (peers and business representatives)
– Experiences and ideas for you to use when you do your Senior project, apply for college or an internship


While the student has an incredible learning and growth experience, a less well known fact is how tremendous the leadership development opportunities are for our participating business professionals known as Company Advisors. In fact, companies like The Boeing Company and PEMCO Insurance cover the costs  to send their employees to serve as Company Advisors as part of their employees’ professional development.

Skills include:

  • coaching/mentoring
  • flexibility/adaptability
  • influencing/managing
  • presenting information
  • delegating
  • teambuilding


Sending employees to Washington Business Week is the best and most affordable leadership development experience out there. It simulates what it’s like to be a manager, and transforms our high potential employees in a week.” James Garnett, Program Manager Business Employee Development, The Boeing Company

“Being a Company Advisor gave me a first-hand experience with leadership. I learned to collaborate with others to achieve results… how to build relationships, embracing diversity, and establishing trust by showing respect and appreciation. With this experience, I was able to return to my work as a more engaged employee.” said Bryce Wilkinson, Vice President, US Bank.

COMPANY ADVISOR: Time Commitment for International opportunities:   8 – 12 days

By far the most enriching and powerful role at WBW is that of the Company Advisor. As a Company Advisor, you are assigned a “company” team for the week.  Within this company, you empower students as they learn various aspects of business while developing your leadership skills firsthand. Share your expertise in your company team members, engage them in critical thinking exercises, and provide feedback on mission and vision.  Behind the scenes, you and the other volunteer professionals will network, gain practical management insights, and learn from each other’s experiences to inspire your team members.

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