Boleslaw Wierzbianski Left a Lasting Legacy

[divider_top] Founder and editor-in-chief of an important Polish-American daily newspaper, Nowy Dziennik in New York City. His colleagues referred to him as “A man of principle.” “He wanted to influence his readers and was persistently objective. He understood the spirit of the modern press, believed in the power of the media and never feared taking a stand and searching for hidden meanings. His entire life was a struggle for a free homeland and a free press.” (Warsaw Voice News, April 3, 2003).

Wierzbianski’s ties to journalism date back to his years at Warsaw University, where he studied law and economics until 1938. After the war he became the president of the Union of Journalists of Poland in Exile, and the president of the International Federation of Free Journalists. In 1956, he settled in the United States and 15 years later established the Manhattan-based Nowy Dziennik.

In 1989, Wierzbianski took part in the historic Round Table talks in Warsaw as a reporter of Nowy Dziennik and a representative of the Polish-American Congress. In 1999, President Aleksander Kwasniewski decorated him with the highest Polish distinction – the Order of the White Eagle.(Reprinted from The American Institute of Polish Culture, Inc). See 1994 Gold Medal Award.

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