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The Trade Development Alliance of Greater Seattle

VISIONPolish and American Businesses connected for cooperation and prosperity

MISSION: The Mission of Polish American Chamber of Commerce Pacific Northwest is to facilitate cooperation and exchange between Polish and American businesses to achieve economic success.


1. Cooperation

2. Integrity

3. Passion

4. Innovation

5. Accomplishment





The Polish American Chamber of Commerce Pacific Northwest is a 501(c)(6) non-profit Business and Professional organization promoting Polish American industry, entrepreneurship and innovation. We build bridges between Polish and American enterprise and  improve the economic vitality of our members through networking, mentoring and education. We collaborate with academia, NGOs, government and industry to achieve greater impact in the Pacific Northwest, in the United States and internationally.  Our goal is to work to maximize our potential and leave a lasting contribution to our community. Our Chamber is an unaffiliated, nonprofit, nonpolitical organization. Our members include small start-ups, established companies, academic and  professional associations and individuals who support our mission.

We innovate new solutions:

  • Monthly Networking for Success Happy Hour
  • Online Membership and Networking Forum
  • Online discussion groups and subgroups
  • Mentoring and Referrals
  • Online, local and national workshops and conferences
  • Jobs, internships and scholarships postings
  • Promotion of Polish American business and industry on our website
  • University level speaker programs and symposia promoting Polish American innovation and entrepreneurship
  • Representation in Washington, DC and our regions state capitals through local chambers of commerce.
  • Gateway for investment and business education between Poland and the Pacific Northwest.
  • Volunteering and Fundraising for local charitable organizations