Weyerhaeuser builds state-of-the-art cellulose fibers plant in Gdansk

Weyerhaeuser starts construction of its first European production facility in Gdansk


Weyerhaeuser CEO Dan Fulton, Polish Ambassador Robert Kupiecki,  Weyerhaeuser Board Director Nicole Weyerhaeuser Piasecki celebrating the Gdansk plant construction ground-breaking,  World Trade Center Seattle, July 25, 2011 


Dan Fulton’s video explaining the reasons for choosing Poland: www.youtube.com/fulton

On August 2, 2011, the ceremony of laying a foundation stone for the construction of a new modified fibres processing facility took place in the premises of Weyerhaeuser Poland Company located at the MASZYNOWA Industrial and Technology Park.The foundation act of commencing construction works was signed in the presence of the representatives of US Embassy, Gdańsk authorities, the representatives of the Pomeranian Special Economic Zone, and guests. The construction site was consecrated by His Eminence Senior Archbishop Tadeusz Gocłowski. „I am very happy that in this symbolic way we can start the realisation of our investment. I hope that the plant will start its basic production activity in the beginning of 2013.” said Tomasz Włodarczak,  Plant Director of Weyerhaeuser Poland, at the ceremony.The Plant in Gdańsk Kokoszki is the first European investment of the company and the most modern project  of this kind in the world.

The Weyerhaeuser Company, which was founded in 1900, is a world leader among timber processing companies. It operates in 10 countries and employs over 14,900 employees, mainly in the USA and Canada. Its innovative solutions concerning the use of modified fibres are applied in the production of everyday use hygienic articles. The company was running social actions since 1948 via the Weyerhaeuser Company Foundation, now renamed Weyerhaeuser Giving Fund.

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Source: PAIIZ Reprinted from www.washington.trade.gov/pl

Weyerhaeuser to build cellulose fibers processing facility in Gdansk, Poland


Weyerhaeuser Company announced that it intends to build a new cellulose fibers processing plant in Gdansk. City officials in Gdansk, the largest port city in Poland, announced that Weyerhaeuser had won a competitive tender process to purchase 100,000 square meters of land for this project. The land-sale agreement is expected to be completed by year end and the company plans to break ground for the 17,000-square-meter facility in the spring of 2010.

The facility will process cellulose fibers for use in hygiene products. It will employ at least 45 people upon its expected completion in 2012.

“Weyerhaeuser is committed to investing in and carefully growing business segments that add value to its timberlands portfolio and that have demonstrated top-quartile performance in their competitive categories,” said Dan Fulton, Weyerhaeuser president and CEO. “We expect worldwide demand for cellulose-based products to increase over the long term. This new plant will enable our Cellulose Fibers business to grow with a key customer.”

The facility will be Weyerhaeuser’s first cellulose fibers manufacturing plant outside of North America. As a major port on the Baltic Sea with rail and highway connections to the rest of Europe, Gdansk provides a robust logistics infrastructure.

“The decision to build this facility in Gdansk,” said Shaker Chandrasekaran, senior vice president of Weyerhaeuser Cellulose Fibers, “allows the company to stage its cellulose fibers operations strategically near existing customers and near growth opportunities. We looked at numerous sites across Europe and in the Near East, and were impressed with the resources, infrastructure and workforce in Poland and Gdansk.  We are committed to building a strong relationship with the people of Poland and Gdansk as an active member of the community.”

Procter & Gamble will be the facility’s primary customer, and the plant will supply P&G operations in Poland and western and eastern Europe. “The plant Weyerhaeuser is building in Gdansk supports a variety of P&G strategies,” said Stassi Anastassov, vice president of Baby Care Central Eastern Europe, Middle East and Africa for Procter & Gamble. “These include encouraging local sourcing of raw materials, fostering local employment, reducing overall costs and minimizing the company’s environmental footprint by reducing logistics requirements.”

Polish government officials acknowledge the significance of the investment in a depressed global economy.  “We welcome Weyerhaeuser to Poland,” said Sławomir Majman, president of the Polish Information and Foreign Investment Agency (PAIiIZ).  “This is one of the most important foreign investment commitments in the country in 2009, and was supported from the very early stages by the PAIiIZ staff. We look forward to working with the company in the years ahead.”

“Weyerhaeuser’s choice of Gdansk demonstrates the city’s many strengths in serving central and eastern Europe,” said Pawel Adamowicz, mayor of Gdansk. “Our excellent location, modern logistics infrastructure, and industry investment programs are some of the many advantages.”

The Invest Gdansk Economic Development Agency (INVESTGDA) played a critical role in helping to broker the land purchase. “Weyerhaeuser is one of the world’s leaders in sustainable forestry and environmental stewardship,” said Alan Aleksandrowicz, board president of the INVESTGDA.  “The company is also known for its commitment to protecting worker safety.  Weyerhaeuser’s eco-friendly businesses practices combined with Weyerhaeuser’s commitment to worker safety make this state-of-the-art manufacturing facility a good fit for Gdansk and the city’s Maszynowa Industry and Technology Park.”

“Weyerhaeuser’s project is a good fit for the Pomeranian Special Economic Zone development strategy,” said Teresa Kaminska, the president of the board of the Pomeranian Special Economic Zone. “We look forward to strong ongoing cooperation between Weyerhaeuser and the Polish business community.”

Weyerhaeuser acknowledges and appreciates the cooperation that it has received from numerous polish officials and entities, including the city of Gdansk and mayor Pawel Adamowicz, INVESTGDA, the Pomeranian Special Economic Zone, Pomerania Development Agency and the Polish Information and Foreign Investment Agency.  P&G representatives in Poland also provided critical local support and expertise.

About Weyerhaeuser Cellulose Fibers

Weyerhaeuser is one of the world’s largest softwood market cellulose fibers producers, with a global direct sales force supported by manufacturing facilities in North America. As a leader in cellulose-based research and development, Weyerhaeuser works extensively with its customers to develop unique or specialized applications for cellulose fibers. Weyerhaeuser fiber is found in familiar products such as kitchen towels, bathroom tissue, baby diapers, household wipes and nonwoven fabrics.. Additional information about Cellulose Fibers is available at http://www.weyerhaeuser.com/Businesses/CelluloseFibers.

Weyerhaeuser Company, one of the world’s largest forest products companies, was incorporated in 1900. In 2008, sales were $8 billion. It has offices or operations in 10 countries, with customers worldwide. Weyerhaeuser is principally engaged in the growing and harvesting of timber; the manufacture, distribution and sale of forest products; and real estate construction and development. Additional information about Weyerhaeuser’s businesses, products and practices is available at http://www.weyerhaeuser.com.

For more about the Gdansk Economic Development Agency (INVESTGDA) go to www.investgda.pl; the Pomeranian Special Economic Zone, www.strefa.gda.pl; and the Polish Information and Investment Agency (PAIiIZ), www.paiz.gov.pl.

Source: PAIIZ Reprinted from www.washington.trade.gov.pl