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The Honorable Senator

The United States Senate


I am writing to ask for your support in including Poland in the Visa Waiver program and co-sponsoring The Visa Waiver Program Enhanced Security and Reform Act of 2012 (bill number S.2046) introduced in the Senate by Senator Barbara Mikulski.


Poland has always been one of America’s closest NATO allies, providing steadfast support and leadership in missions in Iraq and Afghanistan, with deep roots and close partnership of our two nations dating back to the Revolutionary War.   

Visa refusal rates for Poles have dropped dramatically and its citizens do not need to come to the United States to find work, they want to travel here for business, vacation and to visit family.    Allowing Poles to visit the United States as tourists would encourage international trade and pump tourism dollars into US economy.  By refusing visa free travel for Poles, the United States is pushing Poland closer to other European nations that are not as friendly towards America. 

Allowing Poles to travel without visas will add to US security and enhance law enforcement and crime-fighting efforts through data-sharing agreements between our two respective countries.  

While the United States requires Poles to have visas when traveling to America, Poland waived visas for Americans 20 years ago and today Poland remains the only European Union Member of the Schengen Zone (created to promote visa free travel across the European Union) who is not a Member of the Visa Waiver Program.

I hope you understand and share my disappointment that Poland continues to be unfairly excluded from the Visa Waiver Program.

Please give a favorable consideration to this important matter and join Senator Mikulski as a co-sponsor or write a letter of support for bill number S.2046.   Thank you for your support


Respectfully yours,